Monthly Archives: February 2012

Stand up and be counted

The municipal elections are nigh.

The voting space will be filled by pockets controlled by local politicians. This will include unauthorised colonies, slum clusters and populations with voting rights in faraway villages provided as they are with a valid ID here too courtesy the local politician himself.

As usual the middle class urbane voter will schedule his day appropriately, and depending on how the weekend is placed be either at a mall or out of town. Why go voting into some booth when the candidates are people mostly unrecognised. Why get your nail marked. Easier to wrinkle your nose and escape from democracy.

Some 7,000 voters will decide and lo and behold we will have a municipal councillor affecting the fate of 50,000 citizens.  

Lack of adequate bureaucratic governance in the municipalities will ensure that what is rightfully ours will be not be made available. We pay taxes to multiple authorities and as far as we can see it is the ubiquitous government that collects them but at the time of times of delivering  services we will be told that departments are so structured that nobody is clearly responsible.  Further we will have to become supplicants to curry favour from the elected.  Services like garbage disposal, lighting, security, roads, health services, which should have been there in the first place will be benevolently provided courtesy the  of MPLAD funds, paid for by our taxes and we will endlessly stare at photographs of ‘leaders’ and suffer ‘inaugurations’.

There is absolutely no reason why responsible, hard working, taxpaying and law abiding citizens like us should not have a predominant say in our municipal wards.

Our numbers are large. We just don’t see it. In any average municipal ward we exceed the number of voters who elect the councillors. If we step out and vote and take the voting percentage up to 75% from the currently abysmally low of 40% we will begin to rightfully demand and the councillors will not ignore us. They cannot afford to. The officialdom thriving on the apathy of the citizen will reconsider their attitudes and we will matter.

Come Municipal elections in April, take time out and vote.

Let’s stand up and be counted.